Sunday, 13 January 2013

Province Provides Update on Ferry Service

Province provides update on ferry service

Published on January 9, 2013 
by The Telegram

Norcon Marine Services has been awarded a contract to provide service between Petit Forte and South East Bight with the MV Joseph M.
The Department of Transportation and Works said in a news release, the vessel has arrived in the province and is currently undergoing work to prepare it for this run. It is scheduled to join the provincial fleet in late February.
 Beginning Sunday, Jan. 13, Rencontre East and South East Bight will move to a weekly alternating schedule provided by the MV Northern Seal and a helicopter service. Each community will receive a week on-week off ferry service, with helicopter service offered when the respective community is without the ferry. This interim schedule will be in place until the MV Joseph M enters service.
The MV Hazel McIsaac, meanwhile, will leave Green Bay for annual refit on Thursday, Jan. 17. During the refit, service for Little Bay Islands and Long Island will be provided by the swing vessel, the MV Sound of Islay.
Current schedule information for all provincial ferry services can be found or by calling 1-888-638-5454.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Hazel McIsaac headed for the docykyard?

Hazel McIsaac headed for the dockyard?

I found this on an internet site. What does this mean for Long Island. Refits, once the ferry is on dock, takes a considerable amount of time. What will be put in place, if anything, when this ferry leaves? 

Tenders & Projects from Canada

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M/V Hazel Mcisaac Refit
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11 Jan 2013  



Friday, 26 October 2012

My Autumn Trip to Long Island Slideshow Slideshow

My Autumn Trip to Long Island Slideshow Slideshow: TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ My Autumn Trip to Long Island Slideshow Slideshow ★ to Lushes Bight-Beaumont-Beaumont North (near Triton). Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ferry Challenges

                                                        Ferry Challenges

Challenges in everyday life are felt by people wherever they choose to live in our world. Living on an island such as long Island presents its own set of challenges. Even though Long Island is just 1700 feet across Long Tickle to Pilley's Island, a five-minute ride, residents have to rely on a ferry service provided by the Provincial Government to get to medical appointments, hospitals, banks, stores, etc. On Wednesday, July 25, Mr. Pearce Burton of Beaumont, Long Island became seriously ill and an ambulance was called. Luckily, the ferry Hazel McIsaac was in the Tickle at the time and Mr. Burton was dispatched to hospital at Springdale very quickly. Mr. Burton's wife, Louise, feels very strongly that if the ferry had been at Shoal Arm when the ambulance was called her husband would not have made it to hospital in time. Louise feels so strongly about this situation of having her ferry on the inefficient four-point schedule trying to service two islands, Long Island and little Bay Islands, that she was compelled to call me as Long Island's correspondent to The Norwester to make this public statement. Past and present governments have allowed the provincial ferries to decline, have taken away the dedicated ferry service to Long Island and have replaced it with one ferry for those two islands. Although Little Bay Islands have seen an improvement in ferry service on this shared ferry, Long Island has had a marked decrease in service. Mrs. Burton stated that if we are forced to share a ferry, the least government can do is to run the ferry on the more efficient three-point schedule from Little Bay Islands to Pilley's Island to Long Island. It could very well be a matter of life and death.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

 Ferry Schedule Change Could Spell Economic Disaster for Springdale and Area Business Community (A. K. A. the Day the Arse Fell Right Out of Her)

                                                             Ice free Long Tickle

Ice filled Long Tickle

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The business community of Springdale and area suffered a devastating blow today as the ferry  MV Hazel McIsaac could not make the usual runs to the ferry dock at Shoal Arm due to arctic ice. The ferry is doing the runs, as best she can, through the ice, from Long Island to Pilley's Island to Little Bay Islands and back to Pilley's Island again. The heads of the Board of Directors of the economic zone board for Green Bay, the Emerald Zone and the members of the Springdale Chamber of Commerce must be reeling at this economic crisis that will see residents of Little Bay Islands head on off to Grand Falls-Windsor (just an hour's drive from South Brook at the TCH) to do their shopping rather than drive the great distance (a 20-minute drive) to Springdale. This incomprehensible turn of events could spell economic disaster for the service industry of  Springdale and area, which include grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, garages, restaurants, not to mention the Bed and Breakfasts, that are frequented by the residents of that island community. Even the Provincial Government is being extremely cautious and has dubbed the ferry schedule put in place for the time being as an Ice Schedule not a Three-Point Schedule. This is in fear, I guess, that even suggesting a three point might cause this downward economic spiral for businesses of Springdale and area to hit an all-time low from which they may never recover.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Government's Failed Plan to Provide Ferry Service to Long Island

 Barbara ColbourneGovernment's Failed Plan to Provide Ferry Service to
                                       Long Island 

I have come to the conclusion that the 'politicians' could care less about either of our communities and the people that live there. I would dearly love to have every one of them stranded for a whole week here and no helicopter, lol. At present this , being stranded I mean, could very well happen to us soon, as the Arctic ice is in. I, just a few minutes ago, saw the ferry heading back to LBI escorted by an ice-breaker. Two hours behind schedule. This would not be happening if each island had its own ferry, as we did for almost 30 years. Last night we had people left on the other side away from home all night because the ferry was stuck in ice at LBI and couldn't make the last trip of the day. I'd like to see a road taken from a section of St. John's and see the hulabooloo that would follow that action. This abandonment and cruel treatment of the people in Rural NL, in particular those who live on the islands is despicable. They are whining and very outraged at how the Harper Government is treating NL but they are doing the exact same thing to us.

The ferry Hazel McIsaac is a joke, one of the biggest Newfie jokes ever. It's a Cadillac ferry for a five minute run across Long Tickle. They could have built two new smaller ferries for half the cost and shown some common sense. There has not been any common sense shown by this Government since they took office, at least not where Long Island is concerned. We had the best ferry possible in the small Island Joiner. For a small cost to replace the engine she would have provided an efficient, reliable service for Long Island for many years to come. Government gave her away for $77, 777. 77. I don't think they want that out there in the public. Another Newfie joke. Not only gave away our ferry, our transportation link, but have plunged us into this nightmare of a service, a shared ferry for LI and LBI that just does not work for us.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Scenes of Long Island, Green Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador Slideshow Slideshow

Scenes of Long Island, Green Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador Slideshow Slideshow: TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Scenes of Long Island, Green Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador Slideshow Slideshow ★ to Lushes Bight-Beaumont-Beaumont North (near Triton). Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor