Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador? Does Premier Ball and his Minister Support the Tourism Initiative?

                                             Tourism Sabotage
                    -Or Another Attempt to Get Rid of Rural NL

                                                                             Photos from Official Government Website

As I tuned in to watch NTV's "Issues and Answers" yesterday, Sunday, May 28, I was quite delighted to hear Premier Dwight Ball's solid support of our Tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. He sounded very excited and declared that NL tourism is growing and is 'good news story.' I agree, and was very encouraged, considering that a number of our residents (volunteers) along with entrepreneurs form the public sector have been working diligently here on Long Island to develop tourism and contribute to the economic development of our community and, thus, to the economy of the Province.

Imagine my chagrin on Monday, to receive a watered down version of the ferry schedule for this coming summer. The previous summers were bad enough, since, in the past 12 years, the Williams regime had stripped our wonderful ferry service to Long Island down to the bare bones. Now, this new schedule is designed to drive away any hope of bringing more visitors to our island this summer.

The underlined ferry crossings listed by the Department are pretend times(crossings), bogus, because if a member of the travelling public shows up for either of these crossings, listed as Via LI, and there are more vehicles than the ferry can take at one crossing, then you will be left behind to wait for at least another two hours. This has not been done in the past. Long Island is only a five minute crossing and the Captain has always been able to go back and clear up traffic. Our Co-Ferry users on Little Bay Islands have not seemed to have any problems with this.

Premier Ball's Transportation Minister and his  Department has been given permission, it appears to sabotage Long Island's ferry schedule even farther. In fact, this schedule is designed to incite civil unrest among the people of Long Island and the travelling public.

With this kind of situation occurring, by design, by one of our Government departments, I, and others, have to question the sincerity of Premier Ball's claims to be in full support of the economic and tourism development of our communities and of our Province.

I realize that Minister Hawkins cannot be expected to do the work of scheduling for ferry services; that is what his staff at the department is paid to do. I, dare I also say, WE here on Long Island,  do expect him to listen to our MHA Brian Warr when, as MHA Warr has assured me that he is lobbying on our behalf with the minister to leave our ferry schedule alone. AND, I do expect Minister Hawkins to listen to our people when our Mayor Daniel Vielleux relays on to MHA Warr and the officials in the department what is required for a workable, although, don't forget, watered down schedule that it
has become since it's dismantling that started in 2005.

So, after having said all that, if the Premier allows this, so unnecessary, unfairness and sabotage of our Transportation needs to continue, we all have to question the sincerity of Premier Dwight Ball in his stated support of  Tourism and economic development of the entire province.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Elimination of a Community

The Elimination of a Community 

For at least 10 years the Long Island Council and Transportation Committee has lobbied Government to put back our hourly ferry service that we had with the MV Island Joiner (for 30 years); Just until the Causeway would be put in place. We have taken cut after cut. Brian Warr AND Al Hawkins promised that our service would be improved when they campaigned for the last election. Now we are to take another elimination of highway service. Government is cutting off our ability to get to our resident's Doctor's appointments, specialists appointments, banking services, supermarket services, garage, pharmacy and every other service that has been become the norm for us on Long Island in the Green Bay South Region.

Long Island Ferry Schedule as posted by the Department of transportation May 14, 2017
Daily Schedule
and Sunday
Pilley's Island
to Long Island
 Long Island
to Pilley's Island







 This is what is posted for  a daily schedule for Summer 2017
The trip off Long Island at 10;45 has been eliminated  
The Pilley's Island to LI  1;15 trip has been eliminated, you now have to wait until 3;45 PM.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Newfoundland and Labrador Ruined

Newfoundland and Labrador Ruined

The Island Joiner in Long Tickle, This little ferry could still be serving Long Island at the cost of replacing the engine ( I have heard the sum of $100,000.00) Instead the Williams government opted to spend $38, 000, 000.00 for the cadillac Hazel McIsaac. Practically every move  Williams  made was overkill, extravagant, a popularity contest and a temper tantrum. 

Reported to be the Island Joiner in Haiti 
after being sold to an individual for $77,777.00

'Severe hardship on the people of this Province.'  
$11.4 Billion boondoogle, first power expected in first quarter of 2017. We're only going to use 1/3 of the power from this plant.  
The folks who were saying that this was our best option were wrong, 'out to lunch,' full of ho-ee.' (aka Danny Williams).  
Was it our (Danny's) price to pay to get back at Quebec?  
Back in 2012 Marshall thought the announced cost was low.  
Now, the brutal truth is we're way, way overbudget. It was based on faulty assumptions. Mr. Marshall says it will be more costly to stop the project and we must stop wasting time and money fighting any useless court battles. Further costs to the people of this province, maybe further taxes, further cuts to services, coming. For my generation and, at least my children's, maybe also my grandchildren's generation, this Province is ruined.  

Thank you for that Danny Williams.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Long Island Fifty Plus Closing 2016

                   Long Island Fifty Plus Closing
                       Great evening at the Long Island Fifty Plus this evening. Great singings with special guest musicians; Gordon Butt, Charlie King, Gerald Anthony, Pastor Janet Strictland, Minister Bill and Jean Matchem, Elmo Parsons, drummer Bronson Rideout and Majors Phyllis and Larry Fudge. looking forward to seeing you all again in October when we start up Fifty Plus 2016-2017. Thanks for a great year. (click on the video to hear the whole group singing.)

Roast turkey dinner

Dessert-Carrot Cake

Thanks to cook Janice

Thanks to cooks Roxanne, Janice and caretaker, Bronson.

Mom, Mamie, won the door prize.

Elmo Parsons on guitar and harmonica-On The Wings Of A Dove.

                                    Charlie and Gerald- I've Got A Mansion
Jean and Minister Bill, Matchem

Because He Lives- group singing.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Long Island-Pilley's Island-Little Bay Islands Ferry Rate Increases Announced in Budget

Long Island-Pilley's Island-Little Bay Islands 
Ferry Rate Increases Announced in Budget

2015-16 Round trip fares                                                          2016-17 Increased fares
LI_PI.......$1.66 passenger                                            LI_PI........... .......$4.00passenger
LI_PI........$$4.40 (Senior $3.30)                                  LI_PI.................. $10.00 (vehicle and driver)                           (vehicle and driver)

LBI_PI.......$4.96 passenger                                            LBI_PI........$7.00 passenger
LBI_PI........$14.30                                                          LBI_PI........$20.50 vehicle & driver
                          (vehicle & driver)

Curiously, a ferry user from Bell Island, at present pays $2.48, with an increase coming of $1,52.
A ferry user from Long Island to Pilley's island , at present pays $1.66,
 with an increase coming of $2.34
Vehicle and driver from Bell Island to Portugal Cove right now is $6.88, 
with an increase coming of $3.12
Vehicle and driver from Long Island to Pilley's Island, at present pays $4.40,
with an increase coming of $5.60

Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Government Has Broken My Heart

I have volunteered, for free, and worked tirelessly for the first, best ten years of my retirement for my community. My Government has broken my heart. 

My committee and my council lobbied government for 10 years to replace Long Island's costly ferry service with the more economical, feasible for the province, causeway across Long Tickle. The previous government headed by Danny Williams took away our ferry alltogether and gave us a skeleton service from the Little Bay Islands ferry. In the meantime we asked for a better, enhanced ferry service, at least a trip up to 9:00 Pm every day, year round. The PC government refused. 

The Liberal MHA, first Alan Hawkins, then Brian Warr(the electoral boundaries/district changed during the campaigning period) both led the people of Long Island to believe that once they were elected in the 2015 election that conditions would improve for our community.

Now, our Town Council has informed us that Transportation Minister Alan Hawkins and MHA Brian Warr will be coming to Long Island in June to inform how our, already inadequate ferry service, will be cut further.